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What's new in SimpleK 4.4?

SimpleK Update v4.4 is available
This new version contains, among others, the following corrections and additional functionalities:

New Features :

  • Custom door images in Diagram
  • Advanced and custom notifications
  • Door Survey with mobile (Android) device
  • Import Items
  • Advanced Room Management and Assessment (Additional module)
Improvements :

  • Hide associated tables according to security
  • Hide Forms according to security
  • Display disabled Holders
  • Send Mobile Key Delivery from network
  • Header fileds in Forms
  • Send mail to key manager
  • Default camera to take picture
  • List field group-edit
  • Digital ID in Wizard
  • Save multiple personal inventory
  • Key transfer and return in history
  • Display inventory on LCD Signature pad
  • Authorize all holders for a Key Ring
  • Import from Excel 2007 file format
  • Natural sort
  • Performances
  • Basic form for creating multiple duplicates
  • Create multiple duplicates and doors from General Issuance Wizard
Fixes :

  • Send emails without BCC
  • Mobile Key Delivery
  • Waiting Cursors
  • Multiple selection in grids
  • Edit Keys (Access Databases)
  • Deposit management in Key Delivery Wizard
  • Insert Holder and Key Rings (MySQL Database)
  • Display Inventory from General Issuance Wizard
  • Disabling buttons in toolbar
  • Edit file from Diagram
  • Keeping Key Blanks
  • Assign Key request Manager
  • Image lost when editing rooms
  • Delete temporary files
  • Creating new Access Databases
  • Column order in People
  • Automatic login
  • Core pinning with more than 255 keys
  • Write access required on template
  • Error handling in Master Key System Generator
  • Master Key look up in same system and angles
  • Return Wizard sorting
  • Keep all floor selected
  • Find in diagram
  • Import key's angles
  • Signature pad in wizards
  • Add Work Order
  • ITL cutting Medeco Biaxial keys
  • Other minor fixes...


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