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What's new in SimpleK 5.0?

SimpleK v5.0 is now available
This new version contains, among others, the following corrections and additional features:

New Features:

  • Key request approval process
  • On-screen signature
  • New modern look
  • Item inspection module
  • Master Control Key
  • Quick Access tools
Improvements :

  • Run on .Net Framework 4.6.1
  • Performance
  • More information in linked table
  • Duplicate history in key and person details
  • Print preview panel
  • "Returned by" in Key ring wizard
  • Import Core description
  • Occupant Departments(for doors)
  • Select Building within door
  • Managing deposits within wizards
  • Select displayed column from grid header
  • Work Order custom fields in Web Module
  • Import door survey using key hooks
  • Sequential Change Keys Numbering in System Generator
  • Group is optional for notifications
  • Import duplicated doors with suffix
  • Display details in read-only mode
  • Auto-login within SimpleK
  • Using mobile app for signature with Wizards and Web Module
  • Signature are now stored in database
  • Default values
  • Incident Reports are no longer available
  • Automatic diagrams creation
  • Do not use TMK for all doors
  • Rotate Diagrams
  • HTML Editing (for automatic emails)
Fixes :

  • Importation AD/LDAP
  • Search tool
  • COM port stays opened
  • ITL Cutting tool: cutting a cut of 10
  • Import/Export Mobile application door surveys
  • Search with "'" character
  • Error adding the first door
  • Import Single character additional key
  • Large notes on holder were lost
  • General Issuance Wizard: Search using Hook
  • Creating/Updating databases
  • Display current key requests
  • Error management
  • Edit Security level
  • Printing Core Pinning
  • Digital ID with Wizards
  • Many more minor fixes...
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